Film projects made by Andrea 

about time,



and humanity...

老馬今年七十九 · Ma the Old Horse

A story about a 79-year-old and the making of his own documentary. Remotely produced during the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2021. Made by the Ma family, proudly.

新冠時期的我們 · Us in the time of corona

When the pandemic hit the world hard, the life of three international students in Austin, TX got impacted in a way that was never expected before. School was canceled, all flights were suspended, going home suddenly became a mission impossible... However, the dark period had more than just bad news and deadly virus. There were also joy, friendship, and turning 21...

Documentary: Ono! Ono Poke

"'Ono' has several meanings in Hawaiian... it is my last name, it means delicious, and it's also the name of a fish... I remember growing up and all the other kids making fun of my name, but now I'm proud to have Ono Poke—my poke shop!"

     ⸻Mr. Ono, owner of Ono Poke, the most beloved poke restaurant in the Seattle area.

A Solo finale

A photo story about lost love. Shot on film. Inspired by La La Land (Damien Chazelle), Chungking Express (Wang Kai Wei), and many more cinematic masterpieces that led Andrea into filmmaking.